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D                               G
I swear I felt you kissing her from miles and miles away

D                             G
It hollowed out my chest,.. I felt your love escape

D                                          G
While your lips were pressed against her,.. my head was on a pillow case crying

D               G
"Goodbye Love,.. I'm gonna be okay"


D                                     G
Now my thoughts keep running wild!!! like a child running through a field

D                                   G
I wonder if you're crazy about her and how holding her must feel

Did you take her to your bed..?

Did she sleep there on my side..?

D                G
Oh goodbye love,.. I'm gonna be alright

D             G
Goodbye love,.. I'm gonna be okay

D                      G
Goodbye love,.. I know it has to be this way

D           G    G            D G
Goodbye loove,.. gunna be okay

There's a place our love remains

It is captured in time

D                                G
It's still sitting by the river,.. your hands woven into mine

It is perfectly untouched

        G              G
It knows no loss,.. no pain

D                 G
Oh goodbye love,.. I'm gonna be okay

D             G
Goodbye love,.. I'm gonna be okay

D                         G
Goodbye love,.. I know it has to be this way

D          G
Goodbye loove

G               D
I'm gonna be okay

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