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[Verse 1]~
A                    C#m/G#
Dear Theodosia,.. how to say to you

F#m                       Dmaj7
Sometime last night,.. your mother breathed your name

          A                        C#m/G#
And like a flame that flickers out too soon,.. she died

F#m         Dm
She’s gone

[Verse 2]~
A                 C#m/G#
She dedicated every day to you

F#m                      Dmaj7
She changed my life,.. she made my life worthwhile

And when you smile

C#m/G#                    F#m
I know a part of her lives on

I know I can go on

A                                 C#m/G#
You have come of age with our young nation

We bleed and fight for you

Sometimes it seems that's all we do

A                                   C#m/G#
And you and I will build a strong foundation

And I'll be here for you

          Dmaj7                        A
The way is clear for you to blow us all away

A  C#m/G#     F#m (D)                      A
Someday,.. someday,.. yeah you'll blow us all away

C#m/G#     F#m
Someday,.. someday!!
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