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Ain't Nobody fucking with me
First degree murder, you can get your degree
And you ain't gotta wonder 'bout me wonder woman
F#m                   A
Tune gonna ball, money tall, Paul Bunyan
Real brotha shit, pussy brotha gon hate
Pound of the Kush call that bitch pound cake
I hit it from the back
And make that bitch about face
And then I gotta split
I'm sorry baby, sour grapes

She wine, baby don't leave
I duck that bullshit, bob and weave
Everybody tripping, but I ain't never tripping
Leave your ass flatter than my new television
I'm talking about money and the power
Power and the money
This shit is magic Stan Van Gundy
Ima run this shit till I'm the last man runnin
Mack light that shit, then pass that to me

Young Money motherfucker yeah
We the shit, yeah Weezy go hard like Cialis
Don't love that bitch, I fucked that ho
She pop X I smoke O's tic-tac-toe
And I stink cause I got alot of shit on my mind
They say numbers don't lie, is that a 6 or a 9?
I stand infront of the clock
Cause I'm ahead of the time
Knock your pussy ass off
And send your head to your mom

I ain't playing with brothas, no sir not me
And they can't blindfold what my third eye see
Yeah I was locked up, but like a bird I'm free
          F#m          A
And the coupe transform, no Tyrese
Hello Goodbye, where are you Wayne?
I'm somewhere inbetween joy and pain
And I reach for the stars, got stuck in the clouds
F#m                   A
Got high as a bitch and left my love on the ground

Now ain't that about a bitch? It ain't never about a bitch
Ill take your bitch and make her everybody bitch
Backed up by a bunch of G ass brothaa
And I just bought your girlfriend some knee pads brotha
Eagle street where the real brothas hung
Ima rep that shit till Kingdom come
Yeah Sharp brang the drank, I bring the blunts
Fucking with me its blood, brains or guts

Fuck yall for real though
Sleep with the hammer under the pillow
Get into the room, bend her over like her elbows
Soon as I'm done peel off like velcro, gone.
Bm                               A
baby I'm stoned, smoking on the strong
Got a huge ass bong, swag off the hook
You can't use that phone
Stopped at the light and put my roof back on

One time for the G's, the brothas got it lock'd
The brothas with the keys, The brothas on the block
The brothas on they P's and Q's
       F#m                   A
Put your bitch ass on the evening news
Jumping in the game better read the rules
High as a bitch yeah that's me on the moon
Fuck with me die soon, not late
F#m                                    A
And I'm sorry for the motherfucking wait
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Dua Lipa
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Sam Smith
Too Good At Goodbyes
J Balvin
Mi Gente

Published : 2017-06-27 13:11:11

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