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Basic Chords Lauren Daigle - He’s Never Gunna Change



chordband » Lauren Daigle » He’s Never Gunna Change

no capo!
G  C  G  D  C  G
[verse (1)]
Ghe'll always make a Cway for you
make the sun and rGain for you
he'll never walk away from you C
hGe'll alBways take the bEmlame for you
aFlways stay the sCame for you
he's always gonna stay the sDame
'cause he's never gonna chGange   C
[verse (2)]
Ghe'll wipe away the teCars you cry
always see you thGrough the night
hold your hand when nothing's right   C
and yGou, Byou make me feel alEmone sometimes
but you'll Fnever have to Csay goodbye
if you just say his nDame
'cause he's never gonna chGange, hmm-Cmm
[verse (3)]
Ghe will always have a pClace for you
a forever home that waiGts for you
leave the light on, stDay awake for you  C
Ghe, he knoBws just what you're gEmoin' through
you're the oFne he wants to liCsten to
every night and every dDay
yeah, he's never gonna chaGnge
G  Em  B  G  Am  D
[verse (4)]
Ghe will fight the battle oCn for you
when you're weak, he's stGrong for you
it's the storm he'll cDalm for you  C
Ghe, he carBries open aEmrms for you
he wFrote his love in pCsalms for you
and his love for you reDmains
oh, he's never gonna chaGnge   Cm      G   Cm
for yCmou
he's never gonna change, no
for yGou (oh)
he's nCmever gonna change
for yoGu (oh)
he's nCmever gonna change


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About Lauren Daigle

Lauren Ashley Daigle (Born: September 9, 1991) is an American contemporary Christian music singer and songwriter. After being signed to the label Centricity Music, she released her debut album, How Can It Be, in 2015.

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