Winter Chords

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A                                          D
I put the heating on or the first time this year
I guess that means winter draws really near
And in this weather, I need you more than ever
To borrow your sweater and be warm together
For even tho we said that it would be good for us
to be alone cause we’re too co-dependent
      A                      E                A
Let’s face it who wants to be free, when it’s freezing

A                                              D
And I took my coat out for the first time this year
I guess that means winter’s already here
It smelled of mothballs from the cupboard in the hall
But I think you’ll come back so I need to get snowballs
For even though we said we need more experiences
We are young, we should trust our impulses
A                         E                   A
If we still believe that, we can be single in summer

A                                           D
I have a runny nose for the first time this year
D                                          A
Without you this winter I´ll get worse, I fear
A                                        D
I´ll have a cold and I'll start feeling old
And have no one to tell me to do as I'm told
E                                              D7
You'd say: get back to bed and drink lemon and honey
I need you, my nose is runny
A                        E                        A
And if I'm alone tell me who's gonna catch it from me

A                                              D
They moved the clocks back with no warning at all
D                                              A
You know that means now we're in for the long howl
A                                              D
Soon it's my birthday and then Christmas holidays
I'm trying to think of ways to make you come back and stay
Even though we both agreed it was time
And maybe your willpower's stronger than mine
A                         D?
My frozen blue lips and my cold fingertips
Bm                  E    A
Need you to be my baby again
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Published : 2017-07-03 04:52:01

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