When Will I Learn Chords

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Released: 2017

[Verse 1]
Wanted to get away, thought I could find a place
Where everything would just make sense

[Verse 2]
Wanted to see the light, thought I could find the fight
In me to get me through my day

[Pre-Chorus 1]
G                Am          F
Oh, the ocean is breaking me apart
G                            Am
In darkness fighting just to swim
How can I hold my heart

[Chorus 1]
When will I learn
When will I learn
When will I learn

[Verse 3]
I tried to have a voice, knowing that it’s my choice
Whether I’ll ever break away

[Verse 4]
Maybe it’s just pretend, but I will try again
Until I’m happy in my space

[Pre-Chorus 2]
G                  Am                F
Oh the mountain is crumbling from all sides
G                      Am                      F
Frozen, I could try to run or I could close my eyes

[Chorus 2]
When will I learn
When will I learn
When will I learn (x3)
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Published : 2017-07-13 06:22:30

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