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"Sex Not Violence", released 2 September 2022, is the eighth song on YUNGBLUD's self-titled third studio album YUNGBLUD.


Basic Chords KATIE - All About You

all about you, from "adamas" soundtrack
capo: 3rd fret
Am G Am GAm G Am G
[verse (1)]
Am  walkin' through the sCtreets at night
Am  people who crave somethin'
D----Am----even if you want an Canswer
no Amone's tellin' you the obvious
D  you can not find me
Am  who will be the winner
of the pEsy--Abcho--Bblo---Fgical Amwar--Ffare?
different Ewords in the same Ambond
all day Elong,F all day Elong, ooh
all about Amyou (Cooh-ooh)
all about Amyou (Fooh-ooh)
all about Amyou (Cooh-ooh)
all about Amyou (Fooh-ooh)
[verse (2)]
Am  book a seat where i can see well
i'm Cgonna Gwarn youAm
one reason Gis, itC's fantasAmtic
well, Eyou want to kAmnow who Ei am-F- (Amwho--F- i Eam)
F  far aBway, in my Elife, ooh
all about Amyou (Cooh-ooh)
all about Amyou (Fooh-ooh)
all about Amyou (Cooh-ooh)
all about Amyou (Fooh-ooh)
[verse (3)]
Am-----D----Am----people's sDmiles at Amme
oh, i can sEhow you a Dpage of the Emaze
you want to Amhear the next stoEry
but that's Amall i can tell you today
[last chorus]
all about Amyou (Cooh-ooh)
all about Amyou (Fooh-ooh)
all about Amyou (Cooh-ooh)
if i go deeper, i'll find my freedom
so let's focus more
so that we won't regret it again
ooh, all about you
ooh, all about you
all about you
if you have trouble with this key
of the pEsy--Abcho--Bblo---Fgical Amwar--Ffare?
then you can use the easy version like
of the pEsychoBblogical Amwar--Ffare?


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Katherine Anne Couric (Born: January 7, 1957) is an American television and online journalist, presenter, producer, and author. She is founder of Katie Couric Media, a multimedia news and production company. She also publishes a daily newsletter, Wake Up Call. From 2013 to 2017, she was Yahoo's Global News Anchor.

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