Young And Stupid Chords

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F Am G Em F Am G Dm

F                   Am
Saying that we're young
      G          Em
and dying to be old.
F                  Am
Crying out for freedom
    G                Em
but never wanting to grow old.

F             Am            G
And I'm here, here I am, hello,
       Em                F
in the midst of teenage angst
       Am                G
trying hard to be so much more
than we are, it's too far, too far to go.
F Am G          Em                   F    Am G Em7
    Oh how, oh how are we supposed to know.

       F            Am            G
We go far, driving fast, getting by
          Em             F
from the sadness in our lives,
       Am             G
we get high, time goes by occupied by
    Em                   F Am G Em
the sadness behind our eyes.

F Am G Em

   F       Am                   G                   Em
And why, oh why are we dropping one by one like flies.
            F             Am
We say we're young, we're strong
and fast but is that enough
to have to say goodbye

to all the close friends in our lives.

F Am G Em

    F             Am          G
Is it time, is it a way to justify
         Em             F Am
and dying before twenty.
      G               Em
Is it time to say goodbye
             F          Am G Em7
to all your best friends.

      F             Am            G
We go far, driving fast, getting by
          Em             F
from the sadness in our lives,
       Am             G
we get high, time goes by occupied by
    Em                     F Am G Em7
the sadness behind our eyes.

          F                Am
And we're fine, yes we're fine,
          G          Em
we'll get high and go for a ride,
       F          Am             G
it's okay, we are young we can't die,
    Em                   F
the smoke to each others hi-i-igh.
Am                G Em
The time we get by.

F Am G Em

         F          Am          G
And we'll drink our sorrows away,
          Em                F            Am
so we can feel even worse the following day.
    G               Em
So let's lose control,

'cause it's all just one big joke.

F Am
   Oh, oh, oh

G               Em               F
It's all for fun, it's all a joke,
that's all we care about
'cause we're young,
    Em             F
we only want our fun.
       Am             G       Em
No consequences, no invincible.
    F                  Am          G          Em
It's fun, it's all for fun until somebody's gone.

F Am G Em

          F          Am          G Em
And we'll drown our sorrows tonight.
And if this idea meant
if we stay the same
         G             Em
we waste away, we waste away.

         F                Am
And we'll say it's because
            G    Dm       F
we were young and stupid
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Published : 2017-06-08 22:28:50

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