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[Verse 1 :]
I know it's past visiting hours
But can I please give her these flowers?
The doctor don't wanna take procedures
He claim her heart can't take the anaesthesia
It'll send her body into a seizure
That lil' thing by the hospital bed, it'll stop beepin
Hey chick, I'm at a loss for words
            Ebm/C             F7
What do you say at this time? Remember when I was 9?
Tell her everything gon' be fine, but I be lyin'
Her family cryin', they want her to live, and she tryin'
I'm arguin like what kind of doctor can we fly in
You know the best medicine go to people that's paid
If Magic Johnson got a cure for AIDS
And all the broke motherfuckers passed away
You telling me if my grandma's in the NBA
      Ebm/C       F7
Right now she'd be okay? But since she
Was just a secretary, worked for the church for 35 years
Things 'sposed to stop right here
My grandfather tryin to pull it together, he's strong
That's where I get my confidence from
I asked the nurse "Did you do the research?"
She asked me, "Can you sign some t - shirts?"
Bitch, is you smokin reefer?
Ebm/C             F7
You don't see that we hurt? But still

[Hook :]
Bbm Faug Bbm/Ab       Eb
I smile, when Rosie comes to see me
    B                Abm                              Bbm
And I can't wait for a sunny day ( seeing it through your eyes )
Can't wait for the clouds to break

[Verse 2 :]
They outside of the emergency room, room
You can feel my heartbeat, beat, beat
If she gon' pull through, we gon' find out soon
But right now she asleep, sleep, sleep
My momma say they say she could pass away any day
Hey chick, what these doctors know anyway?
Let me see the X - rays, I ain't no expert, I'm just hurt
Ebm/C          F7
Cousin Kim took off of work
Plus my Aunt Shirley, Aunt Beverly, Aunt Clay and Aunt Jean
So many Aunties we could have an Auntie Team
Feel like Amerie, it's just "One Thing"
When they said that she made it you see they eyes gleam
I think we at a all - time high
To get there, we run, we fly, we drive
Cause with my family we know where home is
And so instead of sending flowers,

we're the roses

[Hook :]
Bbm Faug Bbm/Ab       Eb
I smile, when Rosie comes to see me
    B                Abm                              Bbm
And I can't wait for a sunny day ( seeing it through your eyes )
Can't wait for the clouds to break
                Bbm                   Ebm/C F7
( Sung ) Oh, Rosie brings the sunshine, oh

[Hook :]
Bbm Faug Bbm/Ab       Eb
I smile, when Rosie comes to see me
    B                Abm                              Bbm
And I can't wait for a sunny day ( seeing it through your eyes )
Can't wait for the clouds to break

[Outro :]
Bbm Faug Bbm/Ab          Eb
I, smile, when Rosie come to see me
    B            Abm          Bbm
And I'm sad, when Rosie goes away
Ebm/C F7 Bbm                  Ebm/C F7
Oh Rosie brings the sunshine ( say )

Can't wait, I can't wait, no
Can't wait, I can't wait, no
Bbm      Faug
Can't wait, I, can't wait
Bbm/Ab       Eb          B
No, can't wait, for, for a sunny day
Ebm/C          F7       Bbm
Momma can't wait, for the clouds to break
Bbm      Ebm      Bbm
Mm mmm mm mm - mm mm - mm
Ebm/C F7    Bbm       Bbm
Oh oh oh oh no no, say
Tellin' you the truth now
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Published : 2017-10-11 10:39:39

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