1. Kane Brown
  2. Learning

Learning Chords

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[Verse 1]~
When I was 6 years old,, I kinda wet the bed

My stepdad came in and nearly beat me to death

All bruised and broken,, I was lonely and scared

My momma,, she was workin',, there was nobody there

My nana showed up,, she was super protective

Had a tear in her eye,, she saw how I was neglected

But the funny part about it,, she's a straight up detective

Yet you never would've guessed it,, how she'd cook you a breakfast

Three weeks later,, she had him locked in a cell

Now I'm seven years old with a story to tell singin'

G         D    C             Am          G         D
I'm gonna let it go,, forgiveness is somethin' we gotta know

             G       D             C         D
'Cause if you hold on forever,, it'll hurt your soul

                G             D    Em
That's why I'm learnin' how to let it go

                C             D    G
That's why I'm learnin' how to let it go

[Verse 2]~
Now middle school's here,, a new chapter in life

New stepdad too,, made my momma his wife

Got new problems now,, like tryna fit in

And gettin' looked down on just because of your skin

It's bad enough,, I can't afford them clothes

Got high water's on with holes in my sole

Well that's the kinda stuff to put a hole in your soul

But I,, I'm just gonna,, I,, I'm just gonna

G         D    C             Am          G         D
I'm gonna let it go,, forgiveness is somethin' we gotta know

             G         D            C         D
'Cause if you hold on forever,, it'll hurt your soul

                G             D    Em
That's why I'm learnin' how to let it go

                C             D    G
That's why I'm learnin' how to let it go

G Em C D G Em C D

I'm grown up now,, I learned enough for a song

Still got some friends,, but most of 'em gone

Overdoses or killed by a gun

Breakin' into houses,, life on the run

Did it for his kid,, now he won't be around

Guess the little one's gonna be just like me now

If you're carrying the bitterness around on your shoulders

Then just remember what I told ya,, singin'

G         D    C             Am          G         D
I'm gonna let it go,, forgiveness is somethin' we gotta know

               G       D            C         D
'Cause if you hold on forever,, it'll hurt your soul

                G             D    Em
That's why I'm learnin' how to let it go

                C            D    G   Em
That's why I'm learnin' how to let it go

      C            D    G
I'm learnin how to let it go
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Published : 2017-07-20 10:56:36

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