Choices CHORDS by Jw Broadcasting

Am7              Fadd9          C                      G

[Verse Intro]~
Am7              Fadd9          C                      G
Am               Fadd9          Cadd9          Gadd9

[Verse 1]~
Am7          Fadd9
Caught up in circles!

C                G
I don't know which way to turn!

  Am                  Fadd9
My heart rules; Had my head fooled!

    Cadd9                  Gadd9
Too late,.. I've fallen in love!

  Am7                  Fadd9
To do what's right is a constant fight!

     C              G
Don't want to let my heart decide!

Am7                 Fadd9  C   G
I want God's Word to be my guide!

    Am7        Fadd9
It's so hard to break free!

    C                 G
This desperate heart inside of me!

     Am                   Fadd9
Makes wrong feel right and right feel wrong,..

   Cadd9             Gadd9
But Jehovah makes me strong

         F           G
He says,.. "Know that I love you

F             G
I don't want to lose you!

C              G
Trust in me in all you do!

C               G
I'll be here to help you through!"

   Am7                   Fadd9
Our life is shaped by the choice we make!

  C               G
We have to realize what's at stake!

Am7                          Fadd9
Right from the start,.. It's a war for our heart,..

        C             G
But it's ours to give away!

  C            G
To safeguard it means our life!

Am7   Fadd9   C   G

Am7               Fadd9
Looking back,.. the choice I made

  C           G
To do things Jehovah's way,..

Am7              Fadd9
Seemed so hard,.. emotion's strong,..

     Cadd9             G
But Jehovah helped me along!
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Published : 2017-07-21 00:36:34

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