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[Verse 1:]
A                              E          D
Will I be a a mother or will I always be a child?
A                              E              D
Does someone come and say, "hey girl, it's your time"?
A                                E          D
What if I'm dancing and I don't hear the door knock?
A                      E        D
And some cold caller decides I'm not

[Chorus 1:]
             A    E
   Ready to change
   Oh what if my body is but my mind
               E   D
   remains the same?

[Verse 2:]
A                              E          D
Will I be a mother or will I always be a child?
A                              E        D
Does someone come and say your time has arrived?
A                                E          D
What if I'm sleeping and I don't wake with the call?
A                                              E            D
And I sleep right through it and some kind of god decides im not

[Chorus 2:]
             A   E
   Ready to change
   Oh what if my mind is but my body won't
              E    D
   take to the stage

[Solo :]
A F#m E

[Bridge :]
I heard her screaming last night in my dreams
A                        E
I tried to reach out and hold her
A                                    E        D
Can someone please tell me what that screaming means?
A                              E
And not say wait till you get older
D        E
Are you alright?
D          A
I have to see
D            E
Oh my sweet sister
      E                      A    E
You've always been braver than me
              A                          E
Oh what if my love is but I'm not ready to be?
                A          E
I'm willing to change
        A                          E  Dm
Oh it's not just me he's also afraid.

[Outro :]
A E ( x3 )
A E Dm ( x7 )
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Published : 2017-11-07 07:17:00

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