Im Gonna Be Strong Chords

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C    G    C               G
I can see,.. you're slipping away from me!!

and you're so afraid that I'll plead with

you to stay!

Dm               Em      F          G
But I'm gonna be strong,.. and let you go

       C    F
your own way!

When love is gone,.. there's no sense in

G                   C
holding on,.. and your pity now,.. would be too

       F    A
much to bear!

Dm               Em      F          G
So,.. I'm gonna be strong,.. and pretend I don't


   G                   F                  G
I'm gonna be strong and stand as tall as I can!

   G                      F
I'm gonna be strong and let you run along and

Eb             G
as if I don't even care!

C Bb F C F C

   G                      F
I'm gonna be strong and let you run along and

Eb             G
as if I don't even care!

       B                      E
When you say it's the end,.. I'll hand you a line,..

Gb   B                        E
I'll smile and say,.. don't you worry I'm fine!

   B            Gb             B         E
And you'll never know,.. darling,.. after you kiss

      Gb                           B   E G Em
me goodbye!!how I'll break down and crrry!

    A       B   A E   G   Em
Break down and crrrrry!!!!

    A       B   A E   G   Em B
Break down and crrrrry!!!
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Published : 2017-07-20 11:00:55

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