B5  A5  E
B5  A5  E
B5  A5  E
B5  Bsus4/F#  Gmaj7  Bsus4/C#

[Verse 1]
B5   A5     E
Send me a position
B5           A5          E
It's getting lonely down here
B5      A5           E
Things holding up too late for me
B5    A5         E
And kept me from sinking

Bsus4/F#  Gmaj7  Bsus4/C#

[Verse 2]
B5         A5        E
Why do you keep on running?
B5           A5         E
This love is fading way too fast
B5       A5         E
All the stars are burning (for you)
B5          A5               E
But none of them are going to last
Bsus4/F#    Gmaj7       Bsus4/C#
So stop chasing your past

B5  A5  E
B5  A5  E
B5  A5  E
B5  A5  E

B5      A5               E
As soon as the storm is over
B5           A5      E
And all the fog is clear
B5         A5            E
As soon as the storm is over
B5         A5             E
I promise to send out for you
Bsus4/F#     Gmaj7       Bsus4/C#
As soon as the storm is over
B5  A5  E
B5       A5              E
As soon as the storm is over
B5  A5  E
B5      A5             E
As soon as the storm is over
Bsus4/F#  Gmaj7  Bsus4/C#
Gmaj7        Gmaj9            B
As soon as the storm is over
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