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What would you do

AM/G              F#/Dsus
if it all came back to you?

Each crest of each wave

AM/G              F#/Dsus
bright as lightning

What would you say

AM/G              F#/Dsus
if you had to leave today?

leave everything behind

AM/G              F#/Dsus
even though for once,.. you're shining

C               G
Standing on higher ground
when you hear the sounds

you realize it's just the whim

C                 G
And you notice it matters

who and what you let under your skin

If Put to the test

AM/G                  F#/Dsus
would you step back from the line of fire?

Hold everything back

AM/G              F#/Dsus
all emotions set desire

Am               AM/G
Convince yourself   to be someone else

and come back from the world your lack of confidence

Am                   AM/G
What you choose to believe in

Dictates your rise or your fall

Dictates your rise or your fall

with no one else around you
no one to understand you

no one to hear your calls

C                          G
Look through all your dark corners

you're backed up against the wall

                           Am        AM/G       F#/Dsus
Step back from the line of fire
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