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Jorja Alice Smith (born 11 June 1997) is an English singer and songwriter from Walsall, West Midlands. Jorja attended Aldridge Secondary School. She released her debut extended play, Project 11, in November 2016.
capo: 4th fret

[verse (1)]

So go ahead and fix your crown
              D            Em
Then watch it all burn in smoke
Go ahead and stand your ground
We're on the long road to freedom

Too much time tryna figure out why
Too much time to be patient
All this time you be feeding us lies
Ain't no truth in your statements
Too much pain in these little white lies
  you left here
All this time tryna figure out how
We're still here

[verse (2)]

I take pride in the things that we've done
Side by side in the revolution
Won't stay silent for things that i love
'cause we know dem nuh care about us
White men can't jump but at least they can run
Broke these chains just to put our hands up
They could never see the kingdom coming
You wanna see us all amount to nothing

[verse (3)]

Em               C
  i can see your face
See the light in your eyes
I can see the change
Feel the heat of the fire
If you can feel the pain
Then you know you're alive
Both feet on the line

By any means i will fight
For you, for you
   G                       C
Oh no, by any means i will fight
For you, for you
By any means i will fight
For you, for you
By any means i will fight
For you, for you

[verse (4)]

Em                             G
I've spent too many days in my head now
Did you think we would forget how?
Too many destinies, too many sentences
Read now read now

Em                       G
See all this pain in the headlines
C                        G
But i have cried for the last time
But know what happens, see
You would be blind if it was just an eye for an eye

And what if we change the world
We rise from the flames the victor
It's far from a perfect picture
I know we sinful but we are human
             Em              G
Would you be grateful if you took my place?

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