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[Verse :]
C                                          G7
Children children children run and jump and play
Children you’ll be men and women someday
And then you’ll have to leave
    F                        C
Your world of make believe now children
G7             C
Young carefree children

C                               G7
Children need someone who understands
Children need someone to hold their hands
To cheer them when they’re sad
F                              C
To spank them when they’re bad now children
G7          C
Pretty dirty children

Am       G7
Pride goes before destruction
F             C            G7
A haughty spirit goes before a fall
Am            G7
Don’t you know that we’re all children
F                C             G7
And it’s all for one and one for all

C                        G7
Children call each other names
Children playing the grownup games
And the things that’s really sad
F                                          C
Is that we lose the faith we had when we were children
G7       C
Loud proud children

C                               G7
Children who think that they are grown
Children with children of their own
From the cradle to the grave
F                                    C
I wish we could all behave like little children
G7          C       G7            C
God’s little children sweet precious children
G7          C       G7          C
Pretty dirty children little bitty children
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Published : 2017-10-10 10:17:27

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