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[intro :]=====


=====[verse (1)]=====

D                  Bm
You left for good,    to hollywood

I watched you thumb arrive

G                                         A
I felt alone,    to the bone! i swallowed my pride!

=====[verse (2)]=====

D                  Bm
The best of times,    the worst of times

Hey are you listening

G                                        A             D
I sliced a shave,    with razor blades,    now everything is glistening

=====[chorus :]=====

How'd you ever get so,    how'd you ever get so

Bm                    G           A    Bm
How'd you ever get so lost in the city anyhow

=====[guitar-solo :]=====


=====[verse (3)]=====

D              Bm
The motel sign is burning fine

With several bulbs missing

G                                           A
I had a chat with felix the cat while i was pissing

D         Bm
If anyone can save you now

You'd call him your savior

G                                   A7          D
But just like me they'd probably be out on good behavior

=====[chorus :]=====

How'd you ever get so,    how'd you ever get so

Bm                    G           A    Bm
How'd you ever get so lost in the city anyhow

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