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Joe Purdy is an American folk singer-songwriter who has recorded and released fourteen albums over sixteen years.
Artists: Joe Purdy, Amber Rubarth
Song: Moonlight
Album: American Folk ( Original Motion Picture Soundtrack )
Released: 2018

[Verse :]
Moonlight shinin’ through the trees
Moonlight shinin’ down on me
C/G                              G   G7
Lights the way for lovers in the dark

Moonbeams dance on rain drenched streets
Sparkle for our eyes to see
C/G                  G              C/G F C/G
Moonlight shines on them and shines on me

Moonlight bathes the woods around
Paradise that we have found
C/G                               G   G7
Here among the trees and things we love

Shines on friends far away
Takes us to another day
C/G                   G             C/G F C/G
Moonlight shines on them and shines on me

[solo :]
C/G G C/G  F C/G

Way in with the one I love
Staring at the moon above
C/G                      G  G7
Being where we really wanna be

Autumn leaves for now are still
Moon shines on, it always will
C/G                   G             C/G  F  C/G
Moonlight shines on them and shines on me
C/G                  G             F  C/G  F
Moonlight shines on them and shines on me
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