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Jocelyn Alice is a Canadian singer and songwriter. Formerly one half of Canadian indie soul pop duo Jocelyn & Lisa from Calgary, Alberta, Alice began performing as a solo artist in 2015.
capo: 1st fret

[verse (1)]

C           Am         Dm        F   Em
I want your lovin' and i want it now
    Dm         F
The further we get
                  Em Dm F
The more i wonder how

[verse (2)]

C   Am         Dm
I - can't even look at you
Dressed up like a saturday night
           Am              Dm
And it's a tuesday at noon
                 Bb            C
Just hangin' out in your room

[verse (3)]

C    Am         Dm
I -- can't stop touchin' you
Actin' like it's accidental
           Am                Dm
Hopin' you notice i do it on purpose
'cause i do--


C           Am         Dm        F     Em
I want your lovin' and i want it now ( now )
    Dm         F
The further we get
The more i wonder how
               Dm    C
Could you not know?
            Am          Dm           F   Em
I should be kissin' and i mean right now
The further we get
         F        Em
The more i wonder how
Dm                     C
   could you not know?--
   Am   C   F   Em
Oh----  oh----  oh
    Dm            F     C
How could you not know?


            Am         Dm        F   Em
I want your lovin' and i want it now
    Dm                       F        Em Dm
The further we get, the more i wonder how
F             C
Could you not know?
C Am F Em F                   C
            how could you not know?

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