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Basic Chords Jessica Willis Fisher - Slow Me Down


About this song (Slow Me Down)

The song “Slow Me Down” by Jessica Willis Fisher is a country-pop song that expresses the singer’s appreciation for the simple and sweet life that she has found with her partner. The song was released on April 13, 2022 as the fourth track of her debut album “Brand New Day”. The song was written and composed by Jessica Willis Fisher herself, and produced by Ben Fowler.

According to Jessica Willis Fisher, the song was inspired by her own experience of finding love and happiness after leaving her abusive family and starting a new life. She said in a video that she wanted to write a song that would capture the feeling of gratitude and joy that she felt when she met her husband and started a family with him. She said that the song is about slowing down and enjoying the moment, instead of worrying about the past or the future.


chordband » Jessica Willis Fisher » Slow Me Down

no capo!
D  G  D  G
lGiving in the fast lane, cDold rain
wAorry of the future on my mGind
Deverybody's seaGrching, huDrting
loBmoking for that something they can't fGind
Di was running rGaces, placDes
Ano one ever stopped to tell you Gwhy  A
i didn't know that Gi could, Di would
fiBmnd a way to put that all asGide and get more of tDhis
sweet, sweet simple life and
Aspending all my time with Bmyou and me and family arGound
and get more of tDhis, sweet, sweet way of livAing
i didn't know what i was missing, tBmaking all for granted until nGow
baby, slow me dDown,G baby, slow me dDown G
Galways on the road, i'd roDam till i
found a place that i could call my hGome   A
but you have somehow chGanged me, mDade me
reBmalize just what this world can Gbe, with just a little mDore
sweet, sweet simplе life aAnd
spending all my time with Bmyou and mе and family aGround
and get more of this, sDweet, sweet way of liAving
i didn't know what i was missing, Bmtaking all for granted until Gnow
baby, slow me dDown,
D  G  D  G
there is Gso much love here nAow
only yGou can show me Ahow to get more of this
Dsweet, sweet simple life anAd
spending all my time with Bmyou and me and family aroGund
i'm getting more of tDhis, sweet, sweet way of livAing
didn't know what i was missBming, taking all for granted until Gnow
baby slow me Ddown, Gbaby, slow me dDown, yeAah  G
slow me Ddown, mmmGm, baby, slow me dDown   G


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