June 21St Chords

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C    Fm
C    Fm

It's beautiful out there

There's nothing I'd rather do

Than slay the nightmare

Arm in arm with you

I didn't leave the house all day

For the last thirty Saturdays

    F                               G
It's time to trade the darkness for a view

            C    G (1st inversion) Am
Because it's June 21st

       G#dim          F                C
And this winter was the worst we've ever seen

      F                   G
But we made it through the freeze

       C    E Am
Now it's June 21st

       Dm             F                C
And this winter was the worst we've ever seen

       F G
Now it's 84 degrees forever

C Fm
C Fm
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Published : 2017-07-21 15:50:35

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