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Basic Chords Jason Mraz - Little Time



chordband » Jason Mraz » Little Time

capo: 3rd fret
B  E  G#m  F#B  E  G#m  F#  B
[verse (1)]
on the dBay you caEme into this world
that dG#may was all the timF#e in the world
Bday one, a whole Espan of a life
and only oG#mne sun had ever seF#t on a night
becaEuse we had C#no memories
F#at least none that iD# can see
we cG#mome here with a dreAam   E
a little time is all we nBeed
B  E  G#m  F#  B
[verse (2)]
and on the dBay we turn tweEnty-one
we're now seG#mven thousand, six hundred setF#ting suns
and each dBay seems to get brEighter and better
and at tG#mhat agе, i thought i'd liF#ve forever
bеcaEuse i was yoC#ung, mhF#m
and i was haD#ving all the fun for mG#me
chasing my drAeams E
it was a time for living fCree
C  F  Am  GC  F  Am  G
[verse (3)]
and on the dCay i turn fForty-two
i start thAminking about all i still waGnna do
i've had thCousands of hours and chFances to do them
do drAmeams disappear if i dGon't get to them toFday?
are these my beDst days?
or am i only haElfwaAmy to living my dreA#ams? F
time, be kind to Cme
C  F  Am  G
yeah, a lGittle time is all i Cneed
C  F  Am  G
[verse (4)]
and if there's a Cday i turn Fsixty-five
will i be cAmashing it in?
will i fiGnally retire andC be who i'm sFupposed to be
or will i haAmve to keep working to mGake my ends meet
with my acFhes and my pDains to deal with
i lost friends and i nEever found jesus
thank Amgod i still have my dreA#am  F
time is all i nCeed
C  F  Am
yeah, a little tiGme is all i Cneed
C  F  Am  G
[verse (5)]
and if there's a dCay we get to turn one hFundred and one
that'll be mAmore than thirty-six thousand riGsing suns
and i'll rCise if i can and i'll Fdance my old dance
i imAmagine i'll probably hGike up my pants
'cause i've leaCrned how death's always Fthere at our ankles
teaAmsing us, teaching us hGow to be grateful
'cause daCys are now about Fhow well we live them
Amhow much we've loved and Ghow much we've given aFway
before we'Dre history
Ga day is now a cEentury
and i'm rAmeady to dream a new drA#eam F
a little time is all i nCeed
time is aFll i Amneed
yeah, a little tGime is all i nCeed
time is alFl i neAmed
yeah, a little Gtime is all i Cneed
time is aFll i nAmeed
a little tGime is all i Cneed
time is aFll i Amneed
a little tiGme is all i Fneed


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About Jason Mraz

Jason Thomas Mraz (Born: June 23, 1977) is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist. In 2002 he released his debut studio album, Waiting for My Rocket to Come, which contained the single "The Remedy" that reached #4 on the US Billboard chart.

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