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G Bm Em C9 D9
Ohh lulululei.. Ohh lulululah...

And I'm, I'm overjoyed

And I'm, I'm overloved

C9                              G5
And I'm feeling lucky, like a little boy

Who's just, who's hiding under cover

And looking to discover

C9                               G5
Every way to play the part inside this darkened cave

The meaning of life, well it starts at the nightlight

C9                               D9
Close your eyes and I hope you see mine

G5 Bm Em C9 D9
Ohh lulululei.. Ohh lulululah

       C9                               G/B
And I've, well I've seen a thousand things in one place

But I stopped my counting when I saw your face

                  C9                              D9
Erasing memory, well I feel as though I've never seen a face before

Until I saw your eyes

And they're smiling back at me through my tears

I've been counting all these years, oh

                   C9                              D9
Suddenly the thousand things I've seen were nothing more than dreams of

               G5   C9
Of you and me chordband.com

    G5   C9
You and me

      G5                  C9
Quietly at a standstill now

         G5               C9pause
Fortunately you will, well you'll kiss me, I will
I will kiss you back

                  C9                G5
Oh the fact of the matter is   ohh lulululei

                        C9               G5
And I don't know what the latter is, oh no way

See, I've always wanted to kiss you

But I, I always wanted to run from you

Because I've always wanted to miss you

And I, I always wanted to comfort you

      Am                                 C9
OOohhh   Well I love my comfort foods, you said

While you always say, How do you do?

G5 Bm Em C9 D9
Ohh lulululei.. Ohh lulululah

Outro: G5
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Published : 2017-07-18 11:16:57

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