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F  F  Bb  Bb

[Verse 1]~
F                    Bb
On a starlit hillside,.. shepherds watched their sheep

F                    Bb
Slowly,.. David's city drifted off to sleep

Gm                         Dm
But to this little town of no great renown

Bb                       F  F  Bb  Bb
The Lord had a promise to keep

[Verse 2]~
F                          Bb
Prophets had foretold it,.. a mighty King would come

F                    Bb
Long awaited Ruler,.. God's Anointed One

Gm                              Dm
But the Sovereign of all looked helpless and small

As God gave the world His own Son

F                           Bb
And who would have dreamed or ever foreseen

    Dm          C           Bb
That we could hold God in our hands..?

    F               Bb
The Giver of Life is born in the night

   Dm       C           Bb
Revealing God’s glorious plan

             F  F  Bb  Bb
To save the world

[Verse 3]~
F                         Bb
Wondrous gift of heaven the Father sends the Son

F                          Bb
Planned from time eternal,.. moved by holy love

Gm                      Dm
He will carry our curse and death He’ll reverse

So we can be daughters and sons

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