I Believe In Dreams Chords

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Album: Bulong
Released: 2014

Am G/B C D7sus
G Em7 G Em7

Lyin' in the gloom
Of my lonely room
C                   Bm7
Thinkin' of how to reach you
Fm7             F D/F#
Dreamin' of having you
('Cause) I believe in dreams
And I believe in miracles
C             Bm7
I believe that toy balloons
Am       Am/G      D/F# B E
Can reach and touch the moon

Am7 D7sus D7

C#m7            F#7sus          Bm7
I don't have the courage and the will
F7sus          Bbm7
To say the words but I can feel
E7sus            Am7
That what's inside me is for real
Bm7       C#m7 Dm7
Oh and I know someday
G7sus             Cm7
I'll have the chance to prove and say
F#7sus             Bm7
Three simple words will come your way
F7sus            Bbm7 Am7 D7sus
I know I'll have the chance someday

(Repeat Refrain except last line)
F7sus            Bbm7
I know I'll have the chance someday
Am          D7sus
Chance for me to say
C            Em7
That I love you
C          Em7
Oh, I love you
C          Em7
Yes, I love you
C          Em7
Oh, I love you
I believe in dreams
D7sus                      G Em7 G
I believe my dreams will come true

A7 D7sus G
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Published : 2017-07-06 05:03:19

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