Restless Chords

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C         G       Am    F
Restless,.. I walked to the shore

   C       F       G
And picked a place of peace

       C    G      Am    F
I found no relief in satin sheets

      C         G    C
Or the bedcrumbs of police

C         G          Am    F
A sovereign god raised up an arm

   C       F      G
And gave me clever hands

    C       G      Am    F
With these I molded irate pleas

    C    G    C
For an interurban band

C       G       Am    F
Call me stately,.. lately don't

C       F      G
I follow,.. not forsee

C       G      Am       F
Bled of all my backwards ropes

C          G    C
Untangled from truancy

C         G       Am       F
Peas in a pod may laugh and trod

C      F         G
On morals mighty or weak

C            G       Am    F
Plastered in poems of holy unknowns

   C            G             C
I'm whispered on slogan-filled streets
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Published : 2017-07-21 15:51:33

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