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Basic Chords Jackson C. Frank - Stitch In Time

Capo 2

G Em
C Am D

G            Em
Yesterday my time was torn
C              Am            D
Someone told me I was born to lose.
G                  Em
And in the darkness it appeared
C                  Am            D
to last almost a thousand years as true.

G                  Em
So in the morning drunk with light
C                    Am        D
I turn my weary one armside to you.
G                    Em
But little kids and grown up men
C                          Am                    D
They’re gonna change and not know how or when or who.
G                          Em
But babe I thought it would leave me more
C                  Am                D
To stand aside and unlock the door for you.
G                                Em
But now it's if you can means if you will,
C                      Am                  D
and if you will means if you’re still for two.
G                    Em
Loneliness unlocks each gate
C                    Am                D
Patience whispers you’re too late it’s through.
G                        Em
And if I was there to keep the score,
C                    Am            D
I’d just be there to feel the sore abuse.

G                    Em
Oh yesterday my time was torn
C                  Am          D
Someone told me I was born to lose.
G                      Em
And in the darkness it appeared
C                  Am            D
to last almost a thousand years as true.

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