Poisoned Autumn CHORDS by Isotopes

[Intro x2 :] Fm Db Eb

Fm      Db          Eb
Call it what you will,
                      Fm Db Eb
I’ll call it like it is.

Fm                  Db
I’m infected by your presence,
    Eb      Fm
The autumn sinks under my skin,
Ab      Bbm  Eb          Fm Db
Uncontrollably it consumes me.

Can you feel the breeze?
It’s like a silent blissful weep.
The calm cold collects me,
Fm              Eb
As I turn away from the autumn roar.
Fm                Ab
Can you feel the breeze?
It’s such a silent blissful peace.
Fm              Db
Another hollow winter,
The lonely freeze,
It sets me free.

Fm            Db
Block out the light,
Cover the sun,
Fm                  Db
You were my poisoned autumn.
Eb                    Fm
You’re better dead and gone.

Fall with the leaves,
    Ab                Eb
Run away on winters breeze.
Fall with the leaves,
    Ab                  Eb
The winter cold is like gravity.

Fm                        Eb
Attracting me, I feel at home,
Through the presence,
Of this season.
              Eb            Fm
Two’s loneliness has become one.

Fm            Db
Block out the light,
Cover the sun,
Fm                    Db
You were my poisoned autumn.
Eb                    Fm
You’re better dead and gone.
      Db      Ab
Fall with the leaves,
    Eb              Fm
Run away on winters breeze.
( Block out the light )
Just turn your back on me.
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Published : 2017-09-26 15:12:17

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