For The First Time In Forever Reprise Chords

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Capo 5

You don't have to protect me I'm not afraid
Please don't shut me out again,
F                   G
Please don't slam the door
Am                                  G
You don't have to keep your distance anymore
             C            F
'Cause for the first time in forever,
G          C
I finally understand
       Am            F
For the first time in forever,
Bb                   G
We can fix this hand in hand
Am                         Em
We can head down this mountain together
G                      F
You don't have live in fear
C                         F
Cause for the first time in forever,
G             C
I will be right here

Am                  Em
Please go back home, your life awaits
G                   F
Go enjoy the sun and open up the gates

Yeah, but -
I know
You mean well, but leave me be
G                      F
Yes, I'm alone, but I'm alone and free
    Em                         F
Just stay away and you'll be safe from me
Actually we're not
What do you mean you're not?
I get the feeling you don't know
What do I not know?

Arendelle's in deep, deep, deep, deep snow


You've kind of set off an eternal winter... everywhere


It's okay, you can just unfreeze it

No, I can't, I - I don't know how!

Sure you can! I know you can!
Am                G
Cause for the first time in forever,
Oh I'm such a fool, I can't be free!
F                  G
You don't have to be afraid
No escape from the storm inside of me!
Am                  G
We can work this out together
I can't control the curse!
F                   G
We'll reverse the storm you've made
Anna, please, you'll only make it worse!
Am    G
Don't panic
There's so much fear!
F                      G
We'll make the sun shine bright
You're not safe here!
Am                      G
We can face this thing together
F                        G
We can change this winter weather

Am                  G
And everything will be all right...
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Published : 2017-06-17 09:31:36

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