Stateside CHORDS by Hussey

[Verse :]
As I’m worried about my thirties
G                D
My kin sit in jail
Withdraw because they have to
G                          D
Their bodies go through hell
Feel bad but then I don’t
G                                      D
Because they were raised by better souls
Twice my age and withered away
G                        D
I’m relatively close to ok

[CHORUS 1]==
| C        G        D          Em
| I don’t believe but I do it for you
| C          G        D              Em
| Whatever you need To relieve you of you
| C              G          D          Em
| If some higher power is all that you need
| C              G              D            Em
| In my eyes it’s you you’re the god that you seek

[Verse :]
I was worried about my twenties
G                    D
My family just moved on
The truth became outstanding to me
G                      D
It’s harder to be strong
Never wanted to cause the trouble
G                            D
I guess they crave to be my own
The thing that made me happy to shake you off
G                                    D
It’s the thing that saves you after all

[CHORUS 2]==
| C          G          D            Em
| I wish I’d rooted for you from the start
| C            G          D        Em
| I wrote you off for a moment at first
| C            G          D              Em
| It broke me just thinking how you sobered up
| C            G          D                    Em
| Who cares of what fashion just glad you’re with us

[Verse :]
As i watch you join the ranks
G                          D
Of everyone who took a right
I hear it tucked away in your voice sometimes
G                          D
What you tell it doesn’t hide
And maybe you got here later
G                          D
But for all you’ve missed out
The twenties were just a wandering round
G                        D
The thirties were all about

[Outro :]
C G D Em
C G D Em
C G D Em
C G D Em
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Published : 2017-12-23 06:48:02


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