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I lay my burdens at Your feet
G                           Em                D
I'm letting go of all the things I can't control
In my frailty Lord I find your strength
G                     Em                 D
I am depending on a love that won't let go

  C     G
I trust You
  C     G
I trust You
  C     Em
I trust You
   C           G
Oh You are my peace

[Bridge 1]
          C         G
I don't have to be strong
C           G
You are my strength
C           Em
You are my strength
C           G
You are my strength
          C          G
I don't have to hold on
C             G
You don't let go
C             Em
You don't let go
C             G
You don't let go

[Bridge 2]
D       Em              C                  G
All you weary come and lay your burdens down
D           Em            C              G
His yoke is easy there is rest to be found

C          G
Im letting go
C           G
I'm letting go
C          Em
I'm letting go
C             G
You are my peace
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Published : 2017-06-16 08:39:37

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