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Basic Chords Hollow Coves - Evermore

capo: 1st fret

[verse (1)]

  Am      G         D
I felt it from the start
   C      G       D
It grew inside my heart
   Am         G         D
It changed me from that day
     C      G        D
This love i can't contain

[interlude (1)]

Am G D

[verse (2)]

  Am     G     D
I waited for a sign
   C       G     D
So patient and divine
    Am       G      D
For fate was on our side
     C     G       D
That day i came to find


     C       G
That you are all
      C      G   D
I was hoping for
     C        G
It's you i'll call
   Am  D    G
my e-----vermore


Am G D

[vesre (3)]

    Am     G      D
The garden as our home
  C           G      D
A place where we can grow
       Am      G     D
You're planted in my soul
   C       G      D
To nurture and to hold

[chorus (2)]

       C       G
'cause you are all
      C      G   D
I was hoping for
     C        G
It's you i'll call
   Am  D    G
my e-----vermore

[interlude (2)]

Am Bm C Em D C
Am Bm C Em D C
Am Bm C Em D

[chorus (2)]

       C       G
'cause you are all
      C      G   D
I was hoping for
     C        G
It's you i'll call
   Am  D    G
my e-----vermore

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Hollow Coves

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