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C            Dm            F   G   C
I'll be your candle on the wat-er,.. my love

   Am       F      Bb
for you will always burn!

G E           Am       C         F
I know you're lost and drifting,.. but the

          C        F                  C
clouds are lifting!!don't give up,.. you have

            Dm   G
somewhere to turn!

C            Dm            F   G   C
I'll be your candle on the wat-er,.. til every

Am      F        Bb
wave is warm and bright!

G  E       Am           Gm   F
My soul is there beside you,.. let this candle

guide you!

F                 C                G
Soon you'll see a golden stream of light!

Bb       C                   F
A cold and friendless tide has found you!

Bb            C               F
Don't let the stormy darkness pull you down!

Am   C       D           G
I'll paint a ray of hope around you!

F               G    F            G
Circling in the air,.. lighted by a prayer!

C            Dm            F   G   C
I'll be your candle on the wat-er,.. this flame

Am              Bb
inside of me will grow!

G    Am                 Gm       F
Keep holding on,.. you'll make it!!here's my hand,..

so take it!

F                        C  Bb     F       Fm
Look for me reaching out to shore!!as sure as

      C    D   F          G       C  G F
rivers flow!!!!!I'll never let you go!

    G             C   G F      G             C
I'll never let you go!!!!!!I'll never let you go!!
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