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[verse (1)]

Am            C
Weight in the water
I know it's hard to breathe
       Am                 C
But we will withstand the war
And we know it's harder to forgive
        Am                C
Another black man, he was taken
All the sons and the daughters who gon' raise him
                    Am          C
Lord knows that i'm hurting for my people
Because enough is enough

[verse (2)]

                Am     C
We gotta make a stand
Let's join hands, we are all people
       Am      C
( ? ) scared
We can do anything together
           Am      C
Isn't about  ( ? )
It coulda been another  ( ? )
       Am                   C
I'm so sorry for the future  ( ? )
We shouldn't be dying
                  Am    C
Everyone wants to live
                    Am    C
Live a life without fear

[verse (3)]

                  Am           C
( ? ) we've been held down so long
( ? ) beg no more
                      Am    C
Let's help each other heal
All the scars, so we march

[verse (4)]

Am C        Am C
       march     march, yeah
            Am C
So we march       march
   Am   C   Am    C
We will     march
C      Am     C
March, march, march, march

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