Kicked Outta Country CHORDS by George Strait


{Verse 1]~
D                    G      D                 A       G
I just got the news today,.. the record I sent them they threw it away

D                 A       G             A
It don’t fit the format,.. don’t make the list

D                    A G                 A
They said I’m too old,.. won’t even be missed

[Verse 2]~
Bm                          A
It happened to Jones,.. and even The Hag

D                             G
Willie and Waylon,.. and the great Johnny Cash

  D                       G             A
They kicked em right out,.. without even a word

D                   A         Bm        C#m
But that ain't the end of the story I heard

G                            D
Cash stomped out the footlights

G                  A
Haggard,..for long,.. had a ball

And Willie and Waylon and Kris toured the nation

A                    G         A
And Jones never showed up at all

D                                 G                   E
They lived what they wrote,.. and wrote what they sang

G                             D    A            Bm
So getting kicked outta country didn’t hurt a thing

G                           D
Getting kicked outta country didn’t hurt a thing


[Verse 3]~
D                   G
I just wrote a new song today

D                             G
I pulled out my old guitar,.. and I started to play

D            A       G        A
Pressing my fingers into the strings

D                     G            A
I felt the feeling a country song brings

[Verse 4]~
Bm                     A
I did some Jones,.. and one for The Hag

D                      G                        Em
Waylon and Willie,.. and the great Johnny Cash

D                            G      A
They all got kicked outta country back then

D                     A        Bm        A
But then one day country came calling again

G                     D
Cash stomped out the footlights

G                         A
Haggard,.. for long,.. had a ball

And Willie and Waylon and Kris toured the nation

A          G                A
And Jones showed up after all

D                    G                          E
They lived what the wrote,.. and wrote what they sang

   G                    D              A       Bm
So getting kicked outta country didn’t hurt a thing

   G                 D
Getting kicked outta country didn’t hurt a thing

           G                                  E
It don’t really matter,.. because I ain’t gonna change

G                             D      Em           D
Cause getting kicked outta country,.. won’t hurt a thing

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Published : 2017-07-21 16:36:02

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