Something To Brag About Chords

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[Verse 1]~
I've got a real important job In a large office buildin'

Ridin' people in an elevator,.. I drive a '57 Chevrolet

    A                                          E    A
With busted tail lights burned out valves and a leaky radiator

I wear a twenty dollar suit I bought from J!C! Penney's

A          G D7
Back in 19-6-2

            B            E
But I've got somethin' to brag about

B            E
Somethin' to brag about

B            E             A       D
Somethin' to brag about in you

[Verse 2]~
I'm a short-order cook at an all night cafe

Down on 18th avenue and 12th street

I wear a swingin' mini dress that I made for myself

                   A                D
From mama's kitchen curtains and old bed sheets

I've got 17 pages of Top Value stamps

       D          B
And one old pair of shoes

            E            A
But I've got somethin' to brag about

E            A
Somethin' to brag about

E            A             D    G
Somethin' to brag about in you

When you're with the fellas,.. I know you start braggin' 'bout

My hour glass figure and my big brown eyes

You tell your girlfriends 'bout my sweet,.. sweet lovin'

   A                                     D
And that's one better that money can't buy

[Verse 3]~
So let's get married in the not-to-distant future

We'll rent a little flat on 29th street

You know we'll hang our washin' on the clothes line from the window

                         D                G
We'll feast on corn bread,.. butter beans and lunch meat

We won't have a thermostat a big long Cadillac

   G            F#m         E
But we'll have a love that's true

          A            D
I'll have,.. somethin' to brag about

                   A            D
Yeah and I'll have,.. somethin' to brag about

    A          D             G
Yeah,.. somthin' to brag about in you!
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Published : 2017-07-20 11:02:17

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