Lost Without You CHORDS by Freya Ridings

[verse (1)]=====

G                      D
Standing on the platform

             Am C
Watching you go

G                       D
  it's like no other pain

             Am C
I've ever known

G                     D
  to love someone so much

               Am C
To have no control

G                             D
  you said i want to see the world

           Am C
And i said go

=====[chorus (1)]=====

G              D       Am    C
  i think i'm lost without you

G                D         Am   C
  i just feel crushed without you

I've been strong for so long,

    D              Am                C
I never thought how much i needed you

G                D     Am    C
   i think i'm lost without you

=====[verse (2)]=====

G                      D
  strangers rushing past

                    Am C
Just trying to get home

G                           D
   but you were the only safe haven

             Am C
That i've known

   hits me at full speed

D                        Am
   feel like i can't breathe

And no   body knows

  this pain inside me

D                   Am
  my world is crumbling

I should never have

Let you go

=====[chorus (2)]=====

G              D    Am       C
  i think i'm lost without you

G               D     Am      C
  i think i'm lost, lo st, lo st

       G   D       Am  C
Oh waa aay, oh waa aay,

      G    D    Am        C
Oh waa aay, oh waa aay, oooh,

G              D       Am       C
  i think i'm lost without you, you ooo

G                  D       Am    C
  i just feel crushed without you

'cause i've been strong for so long,

I never thought

      Am           C
How much i loved you

=====[outro :]=====

G                        D
  standing on the platform

             Am C
Watching you go

G                             D
  you said i want to see the world

           Am C
And i said go
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Published : 2018-02-23 02:05:57

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