I Dont Want Your Love Chords

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[Verse 1]
B                               D#m
If I lived so long to be the last man alive
E                   B
My heart would never change
B                            D#m
If I had the choice between a million eyes
E                   F#
I'd see you just the same
E                        B
It's no secret you're the one for me
G#m            C#
It's obvious to all
E            F#       B
But, I don't want your love
E      F#       B
I don't want your love

[Verse 2]
B                              D#m
You say that providence brought me to you
E                   B
That you would be my wife
B                        D#m
Together we could start a family
E                F#
And live a decent life
E                               B
There's nothing more I'd rather say to you
G#m                   C#
Than swear the words I do
E            F#       B
But, I don't want your love
E          F#       B
No, I don't want your love

D#m G#m D#m G#m E E B
D#m G#m D#m G#m C#m C#m F#

[Verse 3]
B                   D#m
I would kill I would die for you
E                B
I always will be true
B                            D#m
If I could fix this thing you know that I would
E                F#
But, only you can do
E                              B
Cause it don't matter how much you love me
G#m                  C#
Or how I might love you

E      F#       B
I don't want your love
E      F#       B
I don't want your love
E      D#       G#m
I don't want your love
My love

E       F#      B
Until you love me too
B D#m B
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Published : 2017-07-03 11:49:17

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