Faithful CHORDS by Erik Nieder

[Verse :]
A                            D
Lord you search me, how you know me
      F#m            E            D
You perceive my every thought from afar
              A                D
In all my wandering, still you love me
        F#m          E            D
King of glory you pursue my anxious heart

[Chorus :]
   A                              E   D
   ..Even when I'm not, you're faithful
   Even when I doubt your truth holds
                         E            D
   Even when I'm lost you won't let me go
   A                                 E   D
   ..When my heart is dry your grace flows
   No matter where I run, I'm not far from home
                                 E  D
   Yea, I may be weak but you're able
   Even when I'm not, you're faithful
   D                             F#m   D
   ..Even when I'm not, you're faithful



[Bridge :]
Where can I go from your spirit

Where can I hide from your face
Where can I flee from your presence
Where would I go, where would I go
If I rise to the heavens you're with me

If I fall to the depths of the sea
Even there it's your hand that will lead me
Wherever I go, wherever I go
Wherever I go, wherever I go


[Outro :] A D F#m A
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Published : 2017-10-27 13:43:36

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