Schopenhauer In Berlin Chords

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[Intro x2 :]
G D C Am

[Verse :]
G             D
Schopenhauer in Berlin
             C                        Am
Watched the metropolis collapse to the village
      G                      D
It's a sign of the times that we're in
          C                      Am
That we're thinking along the same line he did
      G                      D
So we climb to the top of the bridge
          C                        Am
Where the white flag was raised in defiance, oh!
      G                         D
It's a truce. It's a loss. It's a win
      C       G
It's a landslide

[Pre - Chorus :]
Will you pay for my flu shot?
    Em            G                   D
I'm immune, but my heart's not, and I'm cold
Will we blink like the charge on a battery
Blinking out together? Open question

[Break :]
G D C Am
G D G Am

[Verse :]
G                  D
Schopenhauer on the Greyhound
       C                   Am
Drinking Drano from an open container
       G                   D
Saw the wisdom in keeping his gaze fixed
      C          Am
At the phone lines
    G                   D
Then Schopenhauer spat his teeth out
      C                         Am
In the hopes that was collectively kinder
    G                   D
On a night of drunken karaoke
          C    Am
And young tired eyes

[Pre - Chorus :]
When we dream we connect in communion
    Em                   G            D
Our slurred words spoke we backwards the more
       C                            G
We sang "La la la, la la la la la, registration documents!"
          Em             G          D
Closed our eyes, and passed out on the floor

If we cling to the cold star

Will we freeze together? Open question.

[Intro :]
G D C Am
G D C Am

[Verse :]
G                        D
Schopenhauer in New York City
      C                        Am
Was conflicted in his hatred of Hegel
       G                      D
But his arrogance conquered his pity
And he flew out
      G                            D
On the first flight his sister could find him
      C                        Am
And he slept all the way back to Tegel
          G                            G
Where the landing lights threatened to blind him
Until they blew out

[Pre - Chorus :]
I can't sleep. We got older
       Em             G       D
We were cool. Now we're cold and alone
But if we sing "La la la, la la la la la!" will our wild democracy
Echo out forever? Open question.

[Outro :]
G                D                C    Am
If the universal will blanks your mind
G                D          C    Am
If the population catalyst declines
                G                  D            C    Am
Please remember: Schopenahuer in Berlin was not unkind
      G         Em    C       G
He had eyes, he had eyes, just like ours
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Published : 2017-10-22 06:56:54

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