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Am               F
Please,.. remember me

Dm              Am
Don't forget my name

Am                F
Leave a candle burning

Dm            Am
Carry on my flame

F              C
Will you sing my songs

Am                        F    
When my voice no longer speaks..?

F         C  
Carry me on

Am             Em
within your memories

F       C
Remember me

F        C
Remember me

G- F- G- F- F

Am            F
Will I leave a trace

Dm              Am
In a corner of your mind..?

Am                F
Will you see my face

Dm                     Am
In the flowers that you find

F                      C
When I look a drop a friend

Am                   F  
Within the endless sea,..

F                   C
Will you keep me save

Am                 Em
In your heart and in your dreams..?

F       C
Remember me

F       C
Remember me

F       C
Remember me

F       C
Remember me

F       C
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