Through The Eyes Of A Child Chords

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C   F7   Bmaj7   Bb7
F#7 B7   Fm      Em

G#m7       G7         F#sus4    F#7
The knot in my stomach that never goes away

G#m7            G7       F#sus4       F#7
The escalating fear when down to sleep I lay!

Bmaj7   Bm7       Bb/D         Fmaj7
Holding my breath as the voices shout!

Bmaj7   Bm7          Bb/D          Fmaj7
Hearing the furniture being knocked about!

C         F7       Bmaj7   Bb7
Living in fear and constant dread!

F#7    B7          Fm          Em
Despair leads me to wish I were dead!

F#7    B7          Fm          Em
Despair leads me to wish I were dead!

G#maj7    G#m7    Dmaj7      Amaj7
With each crash I wince with fear!

G#maj7    G#m7       Dmaj Amaj7
Clenching mine stuffy ever hear!

Gm7       Cm7    Fm    Emadd9
Then comes the cry that I dread!

Gm7       Cm7          Fm7      Cmaj7
I jump to my feet over what was said!

G#m7    G7       F#sus4   F#7
I dash downstairs so afraid to see!

Bmaj7   Bm7      Bb/D    Fmaj7
All my fears are laid in front of me!

G#maj7    G#m7      Dmaj7       Amaj7
I love and hate them at the same time!

Gm7       Cm7          Fm7       Cmaj7
Domestic violence is a horrible crime!

C         F7       Bmaj7   Bb7
Living in fear and constant dread!

F#7    B7          Fm          Em
Despair leads me to wish I were dead!

F#7    B7          Fm          Em
Despair leads me to wish I were dead!

Cmaj7   D   E   Dsus4
Cmaj7   D   E   Dsus4
Cmaj7   D   E   Dsus4
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Published : 2017-07-20 10:47:16

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