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Jonathon Ng, known professionally as EDEN, is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer from Dublin, Ireland. He formerly operated as The Eden Project, an alias that was discontinued in 2015.
[Intro :]
A B F#m B
A B C#m B

Last night was a car crash
Highlights made a quick end
Live the high life for the weekends
B                        F#m
Coming down hard to the sunsets, sinking in
Didn't try hard for a die hard
Nothing I consider you, on getting wrong
And everybody ask, "Where you going now?"
B                                    G#m A
Can you only really want what you don't have enough?
Everything you ever wanted adding up?
You'd be the reason you can't stand, and now
You talk a lot, well, act like it
B                      F#m
Finally found a way to get myself untangled
And I'm dumb, but it's alright ( it's alright )
Listening and dreaming a long time ( long time )
Make sure you play this music when my time's up ( time's up )
B    G#m    E7  F#m
Oh, today I'm done

A                    B
So, if you loved me, how was I supposed to know?
      C#m                          B            F#m
'Cause now we're fading and losing what we wanted most
A                          B                          C#m
But in spite of it, now it feels like the end of the world
Some say these things are for the best
How are you so sure?

And you can find me when the sea pours into the stars
I'll get there someday
I hope you find everything you think that you want
Bruises will fade
            B              A
Time on our side, we can't wait for it
I'll be doing fine, if you are
      G#m                  C#m  B
'Cause life is but a dream ( only it's still deceiving )

A                                B          A
So, if you loved me, how was I supposed to know?
                        C#m            B    A
And now we're fading, losing what we wanted most
                        C#m            B          A
But in spite of it, it feels like the end of the world
Some say these things are for the best
      B  A
Better or worse

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