Take Care CHORDS by EDEN

Artist: EDEN
Album: Vertigo
Released: 2018

[Verse 1 :]
how could you be so careless?
  A            G
I swear this, I swear
I think I'm losing my voice,
       A              G
I took no time to take care
I smashed my phone,
      A            G
but honestly I feel relieved
You can't reach me,
    Bm      A          G
now I can exhale on my own

[CHORUS 1]==
|               Bm
| What were you thinking?
|     A          G
| That night was a dream
|                   Bm
| At the top of your lungs,
|                F#m    D      Bm
| I've heard you scream in your sleep
|               Bm            A
| And I know you don't mean a thing,
|            G
| I just get lost in translation
| Bm              F#m          G
| So, how much is enough gonna take? Yeah

[Post - Chorus :]
Bm      A          G
I got a number for you

I call it breaking, yeah
Bm      A          G
I got a lover, baby

Don't need what you're giving me

More than what you think
    A                  Bm
Oh, love ain't love if it ain't rough
G                A Bm
But you're screaming

[Verse 2 :]
Bm           A G
I've said it all
                                          Bm A G
I thought maybe you'd believe me 'cause I don't
                          Em Bm  A G
These days it's a cliché, I know
          Bm  A
I have no words,
no words

[Instrumental :]
Bm A G
F#m Em E
Bm A G
F#m Em E

[Bridge :]
And if I could forget you,
    A           F#m  G
you know I would leave
                D            A
I can't help myself from feeling
all this is wasted on me
And I love the rain ( love! ),
           A        F#m G
but I can't live in a storm
I got more to go
Still learning to grow

[CHORUS 2]==
|               Bm
| What were you thinking?
|     A          G
| That night was a dream
|                   Bm
| At the top of your lungs,
|               F#m    D      Bm
| I hear you screaming, no sleep
|               Bm            A
| And I know you don't mean a thing,
|            G
| I just get lost in translation
|                   A          Bm
| So, how much is enough gonna take?
|         A          G
| I got a lifetime to wait
| Bm              A    G
| Seconds can't bury me
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Published : 2018-01-22 14:57:04

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About EDEN

EDEN songs
Jonathon Ng, known professionally as EDEN, is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer from Dublin, Ireland. He formerly operated as The Eden Project, an alias that was discontinued in 2015.