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Jonathon Ng, known professionally as EDEN, is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer from Dublin, Ireland. He formerly operated as The Eden Project, an alias that was discontinued in 2015.
[Intro :]
Life is just going so quickly,
I can't catch it
I don't think anyone can

[Verse 1 :]
I met the devil in the hills last night
I was driving by myself, alone
He said, "Boy, what you running from?"
      Bm        D
I said I don't know
I don't know if it was a better time
But girl, we were giants then
        C#m            F#m
Endless nights, we were infinite
( so, care to fight it, I guess )
          Bm                D
Summer's end would mean the death of us

[CHORUS 1]==
|           Bm
| But summer past, and we grew up
|         A      D
| And all of our paths, they split up
|               C#m
| And I haven't seen your
|   A      E          C#m
| face or heard your voice in so long
| A      D
| So, so long
|         F#m  E              A
| We had a good run, it's over now
| "No, I'm not sad about it,
| I'm just, it's weird"

[Verse 2 :]
      Bm                          F#m
Yeah, lying on the grass, talk is so old

Living under Orion, we grew so bold
A                          D
Lying on our days, we were outlaws
Our loss, but, catch me if you can,
never wiped out
Tryin' to catch a wave,
           Bm    A
tryin' to break out
I guess I didn't know
        A Bm
And now I'm gone,
but it don't hurt me anymore
That's just the way it goes, yeah,
A            D
I should've known
      E          C#m
But, I heard you talking
through the walls late last night
"There are no ends,
just grays and half - lives"
Half - time ( and I heard you ),
it's alright ( and I heard you )

[CHORUS 2]==
|             Bm
| That summer past, and we grew up
|             D
| And all of our plans, they split us up
|     E                A
| And I haven't seen your
|     E          C#m
| face or heard your voice in so long
|       D
| So, so long
|               E
| We had a good run,
|       D   F#m E
| it's over now

[Interlude :]
  D                      A C#m
So, please, don't fade me now
  D              E     F#m  E
So, please, don't fade me now
  D                      C#m
So, please, don't lose me now

[Outro :]
'Cause everything is not alright,
and we are falling
But that's just life,
                           Bm    Dm
without some lows there is no highs
And everything will be okay,
though we are all hurting
'Cause time flies fast and you know,
        Bm      Dm
no pain is forever
D A  C#m
Ever, forever

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