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capo: 3rd fret


G C D       G      Em  D
      hoo i love yours
I love you lord
G      D       G
  heee eee ouh
     C          D  G
I love you lord

[verse (1)]

G    C    D   G
I--- love you lord
  Em              D        G
I love you with all my heart
G    C    D   G
I--- love you lord
  Em              D        G
I love you with all my heart
G    C    D   G
I--- love you lord
  Em              D        G
I love you with all my heart
G    C    D   G
I--- love you lord
  Em              D        G
I love you with all my heart


            D              G
You are the lover of my soul
            D                     G
You are the one that makes me whole
I worship you to let
    Em                   D
You know how much i love you
     C                        G
I love you with all of my heart




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