Surrender CHORDS by Ed Sloan

[Intro :]
A D F#m E D

[Verse 1:]
I never thought I needed anyone
I could do this all myself
      F#m                      E                  D
I started to believe that I could do anything alone
But I was really just foolin' myself

[Verse 2:]
Are you still there listening?
Do you remember me?
It took so long for me to finally see
          E          D
That I'm losing the war
                    A        E
So I surrender everything to you

[CHORUS 1]==
|                 D
| I thought I was High
|         A              E
| Now I know that it was you
|                       D
| My shelter from the storm
|                 A
| Like lights at night
|             E
| to see me through
|                 D
| I thought I was High
|   F#m    E
| I lay me down
|               D
| Anything for you
|               F#m E
| I have been found

[Verse 3:]
You got me so high that I don't even feel
   D                               F#m
the pain inside that brought me to my
E       D   Dm
knees so easily
A                    E          D
No matter where you go I'll be here

[CHORUS 2]==
|         A              E
| Now I know that it was you
|                       D
| My shelter from the storm
|                 A
| Like lights at night
|             E
| to see me through
|                 D
| I thought I was High
|             F#m
| I lay me down
|     E          D
| Anything for you
|       F#m      E
| have found me now

[Bridge :]
    D                A
I questioned all the evidence
        D                    E
Even through your arms of providence
    D            F#m              E
But now I know in me you've come alive
          D          F#m                  E
And after all It was you that brought me home
Assured me I'm not alone
      F#m                  E
You remind me that there's beauty that's inside of me
  D            F#m
I know when you pull me
          E                     D   F#m E
from the wreckage you're all I'll see

[Outro :]
              D F#m E D F#m E
You got me so high...So high
              D F#m E
You got me so high
    D          F#m    E      D    F#m  E
And your love is all I need anymore
    D            F#m            E
And now I know in me you've come alive
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Published : 2017-11-25 17:52:08

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