[Intro :]
C  A  F  G  A

[Verse 1 :]
            C             A              C                A
You don't have to be so cautious if you practice what you preach
C               A             C         Dm      G      A
Counting up the stacks on the counter, a fucking disease
       C            A               C                 A
Don't ask me to be righteous if you practice what you teach
C                 A          C              Dm                F
Counting all your blessings the second you're down on your knees

[CHORUS 1]=================
So why, why
                      A     Em
Don't we get a little high, high?


[Post-Chorus :]
A                            G   F A
Don't we get a little, get a little
Don't we get a little high
             G       C  A
Get a little high, high

[Verse 2 :]
A       C              A           C             A
Keep my head under the water, pride buried in my chest
    C                A            C         Dm               A
Not counting all the minutes, the seconds, not holdin' my breath
A   C                A          Dbm            A
Now sinking from the surface, swimming in my lungs
C             A       C            Dm
Losing all my vision, religion, I'm holding my tongue

[CHORUS 2]=================
Dm F
So why, why
                      A      Em
Don't we get a little high, high?

Dm A

[Post-Chorus :]
A                             G   C A
Don't we get a little, get a little
Don't we get a little high
             G          A
Get a little high, high

[Bridge :]
A               Dm                              F  A
Don't wanna pay attention to the writing on the wall
A            Dm                               F  Dm A
Painted with aggression, and dripping when you call
A                            Dm                A
Not gonna learn my lesson, am I running out of time?
A             C Dm  A
So, why, why, why?

[Post-Chorus :]
A                             G   F A
Don't we get a little, get a little
Don't we get a little high
Get a little high, high
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