You UKULELE CHORDS by Dodie Clark

Bbmaj7 Gm7 Bbmaj7 Gm7

[Verse 1]~
Bbmaj7  Gm7                           Cm7
I told you I was looking for some empathy

Well you fooled me

Cm7     Adim                         Bbmaj7  Gm7
Just,.. a touch and a thought and I was gone

   Bbmaj7 Gm7                          Cm7
And now someone's gonna get to know the better you

When I was supposed to

Cm7       Adim                  Bbmaj7 Gm7  Bbmaj7 Gm7
Oh,.. oh,.. oh why did it have to be you

[Verse 2]~
Bbmaj7  Gm7                                Cm7
I guess now the next time there's an opportunity

I'll tread more carefully

Cm7        Adim            Bbmaj7  Gm7
My heart's running out of cellotape

   Bbmaj7 Gm7                          Cm7
You know how is it I've never felt that way before

I was so sure

Cm7      Adim                    Bbmaj7 Gm7 Bbmaj7 Bb7
Oh,.. oh,.. oh it wasn't going to be you

D#                 D7
Why do all the red flags

    Gm                Em
Just look like so much fun,.. oh

I have a habit of

Searching for the damage

  A#maj7   A7
To share my love

D#               D7
I promised to be numb

   Gm                   Em
But somehow you were the one

Now to unwind

F          Bbmaj7   Gm7 Bbmaj7
Months of a good time

[Verse 3]~
Gm7                     Cm7
People will tell me that I messed up

And it wasn't love

Cm7      Adim                      Bbmaj7   Gm7
And I'm secretly hoping they are right,..

Bbmaj7   Gm7         G#m7       Cm7
Because whatever it was it was wonderful

But non functional

Cm7   Adim

                    Bbmaj7   Gm7
I really hope I don't love you

Bbmaj7   Gm7
Bbmaj7   Gm7
Bbmaj7   Gm7
Cm7 Adim
Cm7 Adim
Bbmaj7   Gm7
Bbmaj7   Gm7
Cm7 Adim
Cm7 Adim
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Published : 2017-07-20 07:48:26

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About Dodie Clark

Dodie Clark songs
Dorothy Miranda "Dodie" Clark (born 11 April 1995), stylized as dodie with a lowercase "d", is an English YouTuber and singer-songwriter from Essex. Clark posts both original songs and covers songs on her main YouTube channel "doddleoddle" and her side channel "doddlevloggle". As of August 2017, she has 153 videos, over 1,200,000 subscribers, and over 146 million views on her main channel. She has 334 videos, over 83 million views, and over 675,000 subscribers on her side channel. On 9 December 2016 she released the first video on her Vevo channel, dodieVEVO, where she has over 7.8 million views and 257,000 subscribers. Clark has released two independent extended plays, Intertwined and You, both of which charted within the top 40 of the official UK Albums Chart at numbers 35 and 6, respectively.